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Since our inception in 2007 we are working as channel partners for various Indian brands & having exposure in almost mobile phones and accessories & Telecom sector.

Informatively, we have experience in telecom products, toys, and mobile accessions. Our present focus into varied businesses has given us an edge in distribution & an opportunity to interact with the retailers across central and south Gujarat.

Our hard work paid us in the form of more opportunities from the trade & dedication was rewarded through profits.

The Current association is as under for your kind perusal: We are catering these brands as distributors under the banner:

Khushi Enterprises – Partnership – Nimesh Amin & jigish shah
Shrinathji Agency – Partnership –Neepa jigish shah

Brand Product
biscoot Mobile insurance
Molife Cover & cables
Gnext Screen Guard & power banks
casemate Covers
Damson Mobile life style products

Our total strength is 8 employees working in our organizations. It comprises of 4 sales representatives, 2 delivery boys, 2 back office team. Currently handing retailer’s directly and 8 sub distributor which generated 25 lacs average business last quarter.

Our infrastructure set up & the team has made our group goals accomplished. The vision for the growth & the prospects looks even brighter. It has taken a long time to build this organization & maintaining it further is a challenge in this competitive business world.

Seeing the market dynamics we would like to associate with brand long time. We would provide the required infrastructure for the growth & development of the business.

Let’s work out better, harder & smarter.

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